What Is The Best Solution For Hot Car Seats and Dirty Car Roofs

Finally a solution for scald car seats and dirty car roofs was developed and is known as the roof car. This product is what every car that has been exposed to bird droppings and very hot temperatures searched. With great features and easy installation, the design of this shield protects as to require as little work to install. The car roof is an electronically controlled system powered by rechargeable batteries that can last up to one month on a single charge. It is designed to protect a car bad weather. It has a double windproof design with four wind rope securely hold umbrella in the car, no matter how windy it can be. The screen also has a cloth that automatically leaves the holder to ensure that the wind will not not damage your own screen. The screen consists of a sturdy copper material to prevent rust on every rain or shine.

Now, as for the very umbrella design, he made harmoniously and complementing efficient action. The umbrella design includes fixing ropes which are adjustable to ensure that no matter what size car you have, the screen will be able to fit exactly as it should. The string itself is made of a wire can not be easily cut, which prevent theft, as well as add stability. As for the roof, you do not damage to your car cares for its high quality of materials that will not harm your car anyway.

There is a strong radio transmission at a distance of up to 98 feet. The opening of the screen takes just eight seconds completed, which means that there are only eight seconds between your car and great benefits. There was also a 35 degree temperature difference, no found between the car with umbrellas when compared to cars. No matter how heated the surface of the screen is ensures that the heat stay out of the car off intelligent design. As is easy to see the car umbrella is a wonderful choice for any car owner. long lasting and durable, this product is the right choice for all.

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