What Makes Cigna Stand For In A Name?

Making Cigna Stand For In A Name

One word can have several meanings that all claims to brand their products and services. When you ask that CIGNA is one possible answer is an acronym for Connecticut General Life Insurance Company. It covers all types of health insurance, life, accident, disability and more.

Cigna offers extensive plans in America in the region and is expanding to other countries. Cigna also branched into a customer home delivery pharmacy program make requests online to fill existing prescriptions and medications delivered at home.

Gina Cigna was an accomplished opera singer, born in Paris to Italian parents. She lived as a centennial another year, and sang soprano in many operas at the time between the wars.

The singer-songwriter, Cigna is very influenced by the music of the Beatles, Sir Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, among others. She also released her first album Polaroids.

Gianni Cigna was born in Rome. He received a scholarship to continue his film studies graduate and later as director of photography. He later had the privilege of working with famous directors of photography and received another scholarship to become a filmmaker. Then he worked with other filmmakers and directors to gain experience and knowledge internationally.

A compatriot of the same name, but the Sporting in nature is Claudio Cigna, the Freestyle Frisbee Champion Italy. Also proudly holding the title of World Freestyle Frisbee Vicechampion and European Champion, Cigna conducts shows, classes, tours and media appearances worldwide.

He is also the director Freestyle Paganello, an annual competition sports Frisbee made of beach and freestyle. He also recently starred in a commercial Cornetto ice cream.

From a background of military education, General Gaetano Cigna, born in Rome, pursued a career in the army after the end of their basic training. He was assigned to the NATO service. He was later promoted to chief of staff for the head of Italian headquarters based in Rome.

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