Why Consider Desktop Virtualization (VDI)? It Is Only For Good Companies?

Why consider desktop virtualization (VDI)? VDI can solve many computer problems that have arisen from the traditional PC networking. For example:

    Support for long - having to visit each workstation - downtime
    How are we going to Windows 7?
    PC slow down over time
    PC lack of mobility - you can not work effectively in the office
    Security headaches - stored data everywhere
The high energy consumption - PC use a lot of energy and generate a lot of heat and noise

The above list illustrates some of the headaches that traditional PC networks are causing IT managers and many of them can be fixed with a VDI solution.

So what is VDI? Simplistic VDI
​​is all about how to remove the operating system and the local PC applications and move them to the data center. As an organization's data center can create a handful of desktop images to support all users, rather than having to manage tens or hundreds of PC operating systems installed locally.

As a user connects to a bright new desktop system image is created from the image of the gold base with your installed applications. Users can edit their profiles to save your appearance, but they are essentially running a clean working environment at once.

    By centralizing desktop delivery now it can improve the way support the network and make the center without having to go to the desktop and perform time re-built on each individual PC.

    If you want to migrate to Windows 7, simply create a Windows 7 image and the next time the user logs in, they will receive a Windows 7 desktop.

    Now the office is in the data center with only the screen to be sent by network users can connect anywhere on any network and even to virtually any device, including smartphones, tablets, customers light, netbooks, etc.

    You can also prevent users from storing data on the USB stick or local units, which means that if a device is lost that has no data stored on it.

    If power consumption is a concern, you can replace its aging PCs with thin clients, which typically use 1/10 the power of a PC. No more - with the advent of Citrix VDI in a box, small business and middle schools can now enjoy the benefits of VDI. Vitalize Consultancy specialize in providing Citrix VDI in a box solutions and providing excellent customer service. We offer regular seminars and webinars on how organizations can enjoy the benefits of VDI.

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