Why Their First Drone Buy In 2016?

Drones definitely take about 2016 CES 2016 promises to be the first technology event where drones will prevail. In addition to increased knowledge, quantum computing and block chain, drones will be hanging one of the top 8 hottest technology trends in 2016th

Drones will dominate CES 2016

Drones, also known as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles or), are these small unmanned air craft. You can control from the ground and you can for a variety of purposes using drones, including but not limited to the recording, the soil maps to deliver pizza, transport small items, sprinklers or even patrol the streets.

According to the Consumer Technology Association, the drone technology CES 2016 event dominate the December 2015 early 2016 takes place only in Las Vegas, fired the drone industry with over 400,000 units sold only in the USA and a turnover of more than $.

People like drones, not only because of its benefits to society, but because of its amazing design and innovation. People can use drones to deliver packages to improve agriculture and to help in remote locations in search and rescue. Drones with hydrogen operated for 3-4 hours can even fly, and the drone applications will diversify the near future strong.

At CES 2016, market buzz cover more than 25,000 square meters. If you come in January 2016 and to Las Vegas, do not forget to visit the drone pavilion.

Reasons for a new Drone to buy in 2016

2016 a new robot to buy, especially if you have never bought a still a great year. Not only that, ready-to-fly-drones are becoming cheaper every day, but the features and benefits provided by these devices benefits are amazing. With a growing market and a large number of drones available, you have pretty much unlimited customization options.

Here are some of the reasons to buy a new robot in 2016th

1. Advanced Photography

If you than just selfies are more passionate, you will understand the value of the power consumed by ten meters above the ground photos. The possibilities are endless with a buzz when it comes to aerial photographs. One of the best drones for photography is the world famous DJI Phantom 2, the Hero GoPro camera should be coupled with a Hero 3 or. 4 Some other good drones for photography are the Parrot 2.0 X8, 3DR Solo and DJI Phantom. 3

2. You can study the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty and record their results.

3. T

If you are not in tinnitus race and you love competitions, you really should try this new sport. The thrill with other drones and recording everything in high resolution in the competition is enough to make you compete.
4. Get your business to a new level

Finally, you can buy a drone to make real money. Even if you do not have a business, you can sell your videos and photos taken drones for a lot of money. Picture Libraries are fantastic for selling images online.

If you have a pizza shop or a restaurant, you can use drones to deliver food parcels.

Drones will continue to be hot in 2016 and to definitely stay here. Hop on drone "train" and buy the best model in this new year. By reenacting scenes food packages to the other side of the city for Games weddings or football shot, drones are already part to deliver a better future. These smart toys are much more than conventional toys, but the devices that could make our lives very easy in the near future.

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