10 Things To Do If You Go To Chicago Illinois For A Healthy Life

Chicago Illinois For A Healthy Life

Chicago Center for the port and the western shore of Lake Michigan. Blessed with the city's skyscrapers and other scenarios.

1. North Beach Avenue. You can stay in shape and stretch your muscles, and a sports center. The inline skates and bicycles are allowed. Volleyball can be played.

2. Chicago bike. The bicycle rental scene, some areas in Chicago. If you want to discover the so-called road bikes. If you want to climb the hill and walk if you think it will be more powerful, and mountain biking. Your trip around the city convenient and easy to use a variety of programs.

3. Grant Park Green. the name, the Golf Club, you can deduce from it. Yes, Grant Park Green with 18 holes is not a typical golf course that can help you improve your skill set.

4. The McCormick Tribune Ice Rink. Conveniently located in Millennium Park, this guide will offer a variety of flight experience. lake and modern skyscrapers of the city you perfect season. It is to be healthy and enjoy the scenery, like hitting two birds with one stone.

5. Oak Beach Street, Lincoln Park. Regarded as the best direction for skates. skaters and cyclists can collide trends, in particular, was very attentive.

6. Belmont Harbor. Chicago is an ideal place for sailing. view to help improve the skills of your sport, in any case, both were delicious. If you know how to navigate the ship, if it could be better, but if you feel that you can ask.

7. Ohio Beach Street. Chicago Park District, is the best alternative for swimming, although there are 30 outdoor pools Ohio Street Beach Navy Pier path can be found from the northwest.

8. Sports Windward. In Chicago, windsurfing, and one of the best choices in health. Enjoying the breeze, you can try the famous waves of Lake Michigan.

9. Chicago River Canoe Kayak and.

10. Adler Planetarium. This training will help you understand your eyes and educational space. scientific discoveries can be a healthy alternative. Walking a good form of exercise.

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