13 Tips That You Can How Lose Weight Fast!

Everyone wants to know how to lose weight quickly. All the lies and hype surrounding the weight loss industry, it can be difficult to separate the hype, lies and truth. Therefore, today's article, share with you what to do to lose weight fast. The following 13 tips will help you lose weight and maintain lean all year.

NOTE: If you know about losing weight, you can read some information about the conflict.

Weight Loss Tip # 1: Stop eating just a salad

It's a habit, especially among women. If the food and welcome your efforts to lose weight, to see what their colleagues. How to move their fat loss one step forward and two steps back? Remember: Every meal should be a component of protein.

How to lose weight Tip # 2: at home and in the office, to replace all the healthy snacks

In contrast, the loss of fat snacks will naturally be effective. To maintain a constant level of glucose in the blood, as well as healthy snacks between meals to keep your metabolism high. people are comfortable around them snacks and access to food is a kind of dark chocolate, nuts, trail mix, fruit or damage to nearby, but it is important to maintain healthy snacks.

How to lose weight Tip number 3: Start a regular exercise routine

It should be part of any fat loss exercise program.

How quickly lose weight # 4: Stop SteadyState Jogging

If you have already for some time, and the result is important not to lose weight, it's time to move you exercise hard. Burn fat effectively, you can increase the heart rate for at least 80% of maximum heart rate and exercise less time, a lot of calories. Burpees, squats, deadlifts, shoulder press and lines for the time spent on the implementation of the best of the whole body.

How quickly lose weight # 5: Do not completely avoid carbohydrates but also how to lose weight

Weight is an important factor in many, such as the prohibition of all types of carbohydrates and fats instead of carbohydrates. Our body needs carbohydrates to function properly. The primary source of carbohydrates for energy production in the body. You can undo the effects of carbohydrates in the body organism. Each type of food consumed at one time and place. In general, you like a banana, fruit juice, white rice, potatoes and other high glycemic foods foods immediately after intense exercise, such as the best, and so brown rice, dark leafy vegetables, cereals, bread, oatmeal, but you will need to eat low GI carbohydrates eaten.

Set realistic goals and means of Weight Loss Fast Tip # 6

Do not see the expected results, because many people, for a week or so after the training program or fat loss. As a result, you should not expect miracles to lose weight. Set realistic and measurable goals will help you maintain and causes weight loss, to the final destination. D
amage 0.5-1kg week (1-2 pounds). If you want to ask yourself if you follow a religious exercise program?

How to lose weight Tip number 7: emphasis on building muscle

Some people try to strengthen muscles and fat loss is important, you may not agree with me. Fat mass and increased fat-free mass (muscle) will reduce the fat loss all changes in body composition. The inevitable increase in muscle mass, decreased fat mass. Per pound of body muscles and further 35 to 50 calories per day. Oil on the other hand, only two burns calories per pound. If you have more muscle, the higher the rate of metabolism.

Losing weight quickly Tip # 8: Invest in whey protein, in addition to, or instead of eating

Three times in the middle of starters, three times a day, it is not always easy to prepare. Just add water or milk and content with high protein content.

How to lose weight Tip #
9: Make small changes and stick with them for 21 days

us us, to be honest. The results change behavior and reduce fat. So no matter how hatred patient within 21 days on a diet or exercise program.

Weight Loss Tip # 10: Surround yourself with like-minded

For some people, while others are independent of social support. If you belong to the first group, then fat loss program mainly motivation factors are important aspects of this. If you have friends who are fat loss program for you, great! If you feel about the program and how to share the results. Talk to a health professional; online communities, or join the Facebook group to share experiences and knowledge. Moreover, the focus is not only a part of fat loss. Visit the health and fitness experience, fitness and fitness magazines. If you want to achieve physical and wallpaper. If the reason why you must stay.

If you ran a mile, if you want a dog panting and sweating. squat workout and burn more calories, but most often in the legs.

How to lose weight Tip # 11: daily meals

Many people do not know many calories they consume daily. If you leave everything (and I mean everything, including bars) If you have food to eat every day, you will be surprised by the number of calories.

How often weight 12 # leaks: learn to love the water

Perhaps the most neglected causes of weight gain, the force is to capture a ton of calories. Only a bucket of soda 150 calories. Mocha Frappuccino is 420 calories. Fruit juices, not better. It is the result of excessive increase in the weight by another sugar, for example, the consumption of natural fruit sugar, fructose. One of the fastest ways to lose weight, always choose water over other beverages. There are no calories and our bodies natural source of moisture.
How to lose weight Tip # 13: Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages

It is almost impossible to completely abstain from alcohol. Moreover, there are 7 calories per gram of alcohol. If you feel hungry after a night out, and if so, do not be surprised. Naturally, this results in your body, not as many calories are needed. If you are thinking about building muscle, the body's ability to build muscle effectively, reduce the level of cortisol (stress hormone) and excessive alcohol consumption lowers testosterone levels.

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