4 There Is No Reason To Give Up Chocolate

No Reason to give up Chocolate - A chocolate a day keeps hundreds improvised. Dark chocolate is not all bad news. Instead, scientists with the right amount to eat chocolate have identified a number of health benefits.

Here, this is not a piece of chocolate on the table, but there are four reasons:

1. Chocolate good mood

Chocolate mood

Particularly in relation to the breakups of candies, chocolate you've ever wondered? Research smell of chocolate is a simple that can slow down your brain waves as a result of a calm mind.

Moreover, the frequency of the normal wakefulness known as beta waves, the dominant human brain. This is the wave of alpha slow waves, so we feel a sense of comfort notification.

Welcome to a person considers that the consumption of chocolate, endorphins, always free, even if it takes a bite. Can ease the emotional pain endorphins, hormones, our "happy".

2. Chocolate heart

Chocolate good for heart

Chocolate arteries of the heart and increase the flexibility of veins contain antioxidants called flavonoids. In fact, the long training in Germany, a square of dark chocolate reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke may be reduced by 39 percent.

3. Chocolate is not to lose weight

Chocolate to lose weight

This may seem suspicious, but chocolate can actually help to break any weight. Chocolate and, of course, great partners. More calories than many other foods can help you stay slim.

Scientists have recently calories chocolate calories as "normal", as found in other foods.

4. Chocolate does not want to eat less

Chocolate eat less

100 grams of chocolate to eat (and even odour than usual), may help to control appetite. A Dutch study dark chocolate, thus, reduce insulin resistance can be felt with a small amount of flour. Ghrelin, which is responsible for the reduction in a person's desire to raise the level of the hormone.


Why should not stop the next time you feel responsible for the sweet taste of chocolate, and science are good reasons to remember reserved. If found guilty of a mouthful, so if you want to.

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