5 Very Good Reasons To Eat Tofu As Vegan Food

Very Good Reasons To Eat Tofu As Vegan Food You Should Know

If you become a vegan for a long time and want to learn more about the vegan lifestyle What tofu, then, you know. If you choose a vegan lifestyle, like many of you, we have meat as the main source of protein because protein sources, of course, will need to find a better alternative.

But it is better when it comes to protein, and do not worry because there are healthy alternatives to meat, and as an added bonus, you do not all saturated fats and cholesterol in meat.


Why you should eat tofu?

The following will give you five reasons why you're vegan, tofu, especially if your diet or even if you do not follow this lifestyle.

1. Tofu major protein source.

2. The tofu consumption will be "bad" cholesterol, also known as the protein levels can be reduced up to 30%. Regularly, for example, the consumption of tofu Asia heart attack, very few people study.

3. Tofu is usually found only in fish, omega-3 fatty acids are important, and 15%. This is an important fatty acid that may help blood pressure.

4. Tofu can also be useful for the relief of menopausal symptoms.

5. Tofu is rich in minerals and antioxidants vegan food. Tofu is considered an excellent source of iron and copper. Moreover, a good source of antioxidants.

If not try tofu, you can find a variety of recipes and experience will find that vegan food is very flexible.

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