A Brief History Of Mars Chocolate Brands

Mars Chocolate Brands ~ Mars Chocolate is an American company, Mars Inc., a private company. The best known are Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, salaries, bowling and of course Mars. Frank C. Mars and his second wife Ethel founded a candy factory in 1911 in Tacoma, Washington, known as Candy Factory on Mars.

In 1920, the plant moved to Minnesota on behalf of Mar-O-Bar, but the name did not inspire brand loyalty and Mars Inc. was amended after the merger. Mars was known in the 1920s for its unique chocolate bar called the Milky Way. He had good sales and contributed to the growth of the company.

In the early 1930s, Mars introduced a Snickers bar, named after a favorite horse of the Mars family. However, this has shown that it does not materially affect sales. Later, his sales raised the bar to a level above which was the Milky Way bar.

The son of Frank and Ethel Mars, elder Forrest Mars, joined the family after he was done, but the differences in the family because Forrest's desire to promote new products outside the United States led to a split and Forrest left England where he founded Mars Swamp.

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When Forrest arrived in England, he discovered that the Milky Way, Bar did not fit European tastes. After the death of Frank Mars in 1934, Forrest Mars Sr. Mars and Mars, Inc. took his sister Patricia.

Forrest returned to the United States, UU, merging with Mars Inc. Mars, the Milky Way and Snickers bars in the United States. UU It continues to be sold and promoted while Snickers was introduced in Europe under the name of Marathon.

Feel the market for small chocolate beads, try developing your own recipe. A chocolate factory in Veghel in the Netherlands in 1963 and expanding the production of other foods of the Mars family. Either it is the largest chocolate factory or the second largest concession in the world.

It was a criticism of Mars chocolate from ecologists who did not publicly support the company and supported the fair trade movement. A company called Dove bought chocolate in 1986, independently of Mars Inc.

The company has a non-traditional sales channel with holiday plans and private traders working in the developed house. Mars Inc. has successfully introduced new chocolate brands since 1990.

In 2009, he published a book called Mars' Chocolate:. The North American Experience "has been developed in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institute since the beginning of the history of chocolate production and cocoa processing in North America.

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