A Brief History of Twix and Snickers Chocolate Brands Bar

A Brief History of Twix and Snickers Chocolate Brands Bar

Twix and Snickers are both known worldwide as chocolate bars.

Twix cookie butter is covered with a thick layer of caramel and the entire bar covered in milk chocolate milk while Snickers chocolate bar with peanut butter and caramel in milk chocolate topping.

Twix and Snickers Chocolate

Twix 1967 manufactured by Mars Ltd in the United Kingdom, while Snickers is a product of private US Corporation - Mars, Incorporated, which is one of the largest food manufacturers in the world and confectionery.

Chocolate bar Twix 1979, wrapped in a coloured casing gold with orange text available in the US and has been marked as Twix Cookie Bar. was created before Snickers, there was a very successful chocolate bar, the Milky Way in early 1920 called in the United States.

This brand has the Creator allows - to expand Ethel Mars and Frank and improve new recipes for chocolate bars.

Snickers brand caused a controversy in recent years carried out with advertisements to be homophobic, seen when two mechanics sharing a Snickers and accidentally kiss when you get in the middle.

The last great controversy Twix brand related occurred in 2007 when Mars Inc. in Europe began to replace with animal rennet, the serum in their chocolate bars.

This led to massive protests and negative press advertising against Mars, Inc. for vegetarians, who were once loyal to Mars candy because it was vegetarian.

Twix brands were also frozen Twix bars that revised their way into supermarkets and shopping ice suppliers boxes compete in the ice room.

Snickers had also introduced their branded products including Snickers Ice Cream Bar.

The Twix and Snickers chocolate sales brand outside of its traditional markets have increased, and they were very well received in all parts of the world.

Twix and Snickers candy bars were to increase a successful product in its history and its sales continue and they have popular brands for the manufacturers.

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