A Guide to Fair Trade, Organic Chocolate Brands Company

Knowing Fairtrade and Certified Organic Chocolate Company ~ Today there are companies and chocolate brands of fair trade in organic chocolate ingredients are qualified than ever. We have compiled a long list of the highest quality, ethically sound, and the most popular chocolate companies and organic chocolate brands.

Organic Chocolate Brands Company

Alter Eco

With only organic chocolate certificate and certified Fair Trade and Fair Trade, organic sugar, nuts, raisins, beans and coffee, Alter Eco Chocolates are also free of artificial flavours, sweeteners, chemical additives or emulsifiers.

Dagoba Organic

The Dagoba Organic Chocolate belief in chocolate as a sacred food (Dagoba Temple in Sanskrit) made from a variety of countries, including the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Peru from organic cocoa beans.

Divine chocolate

Organized by the farmers, the Divine Chocolate company works with small cocoa farmers, especially in West Africa, to promote ethical business practices.

Endangered species

Endangered Species Chocolate emphasized principles such as respect for life and ethical trade.

Equal Exchange

Working with three different farmers' cooperatives in the Dominican Republic are the Equal Exchange chocolate organic products both organic and fair trade. The company also produces tea, snacks and coffee.

Green & Black

The fusion of the "green" organic chocolate production principles with the "black" of a decadent life, Green & Black's is delicious and sustainable. Choose only organic and fair trade chocolate ingredients.

Grenada Chocolate Company

To Grenada Chocolate Company, it is not enough to buy beans certified organic cocoa beans is should grow.

Ithaca Fine Chocolates

In Ithaca Fine Chocolates, the goal is the exquisite chocolate (with Swiss chocolatier methods) to produce, which is also Fair Trade Certified. Buy only USDA Certified Organic ingredients.

Organics Newman own

The company, founded by Paul Newman, Newman's Own Organics Chocolate series carries signature USDA Certified Organic, and grown from ingredients made on Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

Seeds of Change

Work to maintain organic, open-pollinated seeds for farmers and gardeners world change produces some organic food seeds and recently launched a line of chocolate made with cocoa organically grown fruits, nuts and spices from around the world.

Organic chocolate candies Earth

Headquartered in California, sweets Organic Chocolate Earth are Certified Organic by the Organization Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

Terra Nostra Organic

A company from Vancouver, Canada, Terra Nostra Organic Chocolate is organically certified and known for its excellent flavour and luscious finish. The company is also a founding member of the Equitable Trade, striving acted ethically promote agricultural methods of organic chocolate and their suppliers.

Vintage Plantations

With the Rainforest Alliance seal, Vintage Plantations chocolate is made from cocoa from Ecuador, so you know, it is both environmentally friendly and ethically traded.

Knowing where to buy fair-trade chocolate

Now that you know what chocolate brands to seek fair trade and organic chocolate company, you can also add some help to understand where organic chocolate and fair trade to buy (some artisans and manufacturers their products do not sell online), To help you, here are some tools to help you know where environmentally friendly and ethical chocolate to buy:

Global Exchange performs a wide range of Fair Trade Certified products, including chocolate, coffee, tea, handicrafts, clothing, jewellery and more.

TransFair USA maintains a list of national cafes, restaurants and retailers that carry their food Fair Trade Certified.

The Chocolate Room carries some commercial bars and fair organic chocolate.

You can find vintage Plantations chocolates Fair Trade on the World Wide Chocolate online.

Choose to give friendly chocolate earth

Holidays throughout the year are to buy chocolate as gifts popular times. But this year, how to buy the islands, or search online, keep earth-friendly gifts chocolate in the eye, especially when you come to the event here:

Valentine - Treat your love to a box of chocolates that are certified organic or Fair Trade Certified label.

Father's Day - If your father has a sweet tooth, give a treat of organic chocolate to buy, the cocoa beans were prepared using, which are raised on farms free of pesticides and fertilizers.


Not the Easter bunny let their chocolates bring children who have been made children of slave labour! Choose Fair Trade Certified chocolate time.

Organic chocolate that is free of toxins is a good alternative to conventional treats.

Look for fair trade and organic seal for your cake, too!

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