Animated Cartoons Dexter Laboratory Projects

Animated Cartoons Dexter Laboratory Projects Reviews

It all started with a pilot episode on Cartoon Network, and eventually become a caricature of a number of great success. Our boy geniuses adventures have captured the imagination of children and adults worldwide.

Dexter, a child genius! laboratory of Dexter series, co-coach of the invention produced by our company Genndy Tartakovsky cartoon adventures of the master, the king of science and supreme ruler inventions - Dexter, the genius boy! Dexter's Laboratory hidden under the house of her parents. Dexter's Laboratory in the sky, a place where the next great invention of society from prying eyes. Well, pink dancing and singing sister. Dexter Dexter Dee Dee greatest enemy and technological achievements, however, Dee Dee has always infiltrate the lab and erratic fan manages to bring a perfect world.

Characters DEXTER laboratory

Dexter Laboratory is the first and only owner, our genius boy "great discovery of the" I woke up every morning with an idea.

Dee Dee - Dexter Laboratory is a magnetic attraction, the dee dee science and technological development not much care for. Dee Dee DEXTER not determined by the purpose of the workshop, but their interest is best expressed in the memorable phrase: "What are the main objectives of this"

Parents Dexter - his home, his mother was arrested by a huge laboratory experiences, and father of many children, Dexter.

Mandarin archrival Dexter, tangerine and a scientist. Unlike other children, Dexter and Chinese language competition science. Mandarin but DEXTER sister Dee Dee, but DEXTER laboratories have no desire to mesh mess.

Genndy Tartakovsky developed from the animated series "Dexter lab," I was shocked the world in more than 52 episodes.

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