AR Drone Games New Source Of Fun and Entertainment For Gamers

If you are interested different types of technical games when playing, then you should definitely try the AR Drone Games. The AR Drone helicopter was developed in 2010 by Parrot, is a type of RC Quadcopter with front-facing and opposite downward streaming cameras. It can be paired with an iPhone or iPod Touch, where images can be transferred and displayed. With Wi-Fi support and the two sets of helicopter cameras with these Apple devices you have connected to display images on the screen.

The Drone-games can be played not only for the child but for teenagers and adults. Playing with the AR Drone can be your favorite pastime. Operate the Drone is more exciting than a conventional helicopter, because along with the previous functions are now available with more features.
Brought the introduction of this latest technological device Parrot has really a great enthusiasm and thus a large number of fans managed to reach this equipment.

The AR Drone games were constructed with two motion sensors. These sensors are in the central fuselage device. In addition, there are other Drone features and miniaturized inertial measurement unit based on MEMS, and a flat 6 device inertial measurements for automatic control step actually used, the roll and yaw stabilization and support control of the slopes. The 6 DOF on the other side, this pitch, roll and yaw measurements. The AR Drone suggests a kind of future game. This mini helicopter gunships you can give more options than just a toy. It's two games.

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