AR Drone Games Starting Virtual Country

The news channel in the gaming world is buzzing with the news Start Parrot AR Drone Games and is an advanced flying machine has help its online games to play virtually with others who have such a device. Development Drone games is made by Apple and can only be played on the iPad or iPhone.

Development takes place Drone games with a preview of the request, whichwill be looking for a device details give a view from the area of ​​the bird around him and the person who would be controlled in a position to control and fly non-market barriers. You can control the level with the iPhone - physical activity that make the movement AR Drone in the same way. The date of the triggering device is not confirmed, and neither is the price of the device.

The AR Drone games will be played with the iPhone and iPad - that have adequate control, sound and animation video monitors. People waiting after the release of the device with voltage on it - have also tried the alternative market can acquire device and searched the Internet to find answers to your questions. Development Drone games on the theory of augmented reality based, two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics video has the virtual world represent. The AR Drone device comes with micro-electro-mechanical systems and special current sensors that attempt to help of the device. The accent, decent and rotation functions to create a new experience for the players: how cameras capture views in this position and send to the control unit is working.

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