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LEGO® 10 new for the period of 2016 vacation is a great player. If you build a creative challenge children love games, then this child a game that deserves serious consideration.

The game board and even some of its unique character, including the whole game, you can join in the game to help them build. Lava Dragon: Here we are, especially as there is some information about the game.


Total score:

5.0 stars 4.5

Basic features:

Players can climb a volcano and a dragon called the first rider to be the game-type game. Lavaas players ahead of their rivals to prevent action to prevent whilstalso fly.
LEGO Smart and innovative die no two games are the same, so this fun game for kids and more. Lava Dragon is designed for 2-4 players, and will never get bored with the game, so the game is only 15-25 minutes. Lava Dragon is designed for children 6-8.


$ 49

Product description:

The product line is part of the LEGO games, Lava Dragon 1 buildable LEGO® 1 rule booklet Guide for micro numbers 1 and 4 with the LEGO® die. Interest rules during the game, and players can change the amount of twist.
LEGO® forms of the game as a random element of the game. In fact, this is a strategy game based on the data. LEGO® parts of the game board before the start of the game players to build, require an additional problem.
Strategic players that other players can use to prevent the development of specific actions. The winner is the player to reach the top of the volcano, the lava dragon fly with the driver and the winner.

For more information about the product:

Before the start of the first game, players will be based on LEGO® pieces of the volcano. Basically each player as the game advances tiles bring color to the side of the LEGO ® die. In the philosophy of LEGO® games, play games LEGO® web site to upload all the players share, it is designed to allow players to create new rules.

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