Chocolate Brands, which are the Best American or European?

Chocolate is a delicacy that is enjoyed worldwide. Many people around the world agree that eating chocolate at least once a week. In addition, given the many benefits it offers, chocolate is also recommended by doctors. To understand the best chocolates that produced, it is extremely important to understand the origin of chocolate. After the Spanish conquest, he made his way to Europe, where the Europeans developed several ways to consume chocolate. It is for this reason that it has been found that chocolate Europe emerged.

Chocolate Brands

Chocolate has been converted for the first time in a bitter drink in a sweet dessert of Europeans. It is as a result of so many people argue that the Europeans make the best chocolate in the world. Many think that the European chocolate is delicious and the quality is better than the American chocolate because he was the first to leave. On the other hand, others argue that American chocolate is superior because the Americans have plenty of time to perfect had their recipes. The best chocolates depend heavily on personal taste, where they are made.

European chocolate will also consider viewed because the Europeans have some of the oldest chocolate brands in the international market. Some of the old brand name in Europe include Lindt and Cadbury, which is from Switzerland and England respectively. The American-known brand, which is popular throughout the world is Hershey. The brand was introduced in 1900's.

Regarding the chocolate properties are concerned, American chocolate is often regarded as sweet as the European. Moreover, in the United States are less than European chocolate, as-as the European chocolates tend less cocoa in dark chocolate them. To decide which brand is best, someone will depend upon the choice of light or dark chocolate.

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