Choose the Right Chocolate Brands, Choose to Stay Healthy

We all have this idea that chocolate is bad for your health in many ways. On the one hand, chocolate contains hundreds of calories - usually around 265 calories per 50 grams dry weight - that make up for average people for about a fifth of the recommended daily dose. On the other hand, suffer the teeth from food especially chocolate when combined with poor oral hygiene habits.

Chocolate is good for health, too

Chocolate is good

But did you know that chocolate, also is good for your health? The trick is to do two things - choosing good chocolate and eat them in moderation. This article focuses to choose good chocolate.

Lest you think that a good chocolate is equivalent to expensive brands, think again. Basically, a good chocolate is one that additives, such as small, sweeteners and preservatives contain to make it better, sweeter and lasting taste. Think pure and simple chocolate. So the question remains: how good chocolate for you? Now, thanks to vitamins and minerals and antioxidants and natural foods in the Maya and Aztec gods chemicals found, that's how.

In their pure state, the chocolate contains vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E, and minerals such as magnesium, iron and copper. They should know the positive role played by vitamins and minerals in a healthy body. Studies have also found that consumption of moderate amounts but regularly dark chocolate can lower cholesterol levels, and thus the risk of heart attacks. Of course, forget the chocolate as an almost immediate boost of humour? This is because the chocolate contains happy hormone known as serotonin, which acts as a natural antidepressant.

Good chocolate for your health

Good chocolate

As already indicated, all of these benefits had to be by choosing the right kind of chocolate. This can by be done the following tips if you find yourself on a wide range of chocolate, whether in the supermarket or in a candy store:

Opt dark varieties, containing 65 percent or more of cocoa. You'll also get all the health benefits of cocoa beans because dark chocolate has just mass production manufacturing process applied nutrients to steal it.

Look for signs of good chocolate without the stratospheric price tag. We are talking about a shiny surface with dark colours, which contain reddish-black tones. Make added brands with little or no sugar and milk. Better yet, you can search for organic chocolate brands in health food stores and speciality pastry shops.

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