Chuwi Hi10 Is An Excellent Choice For Students

Moreover, Chuwi Hi10 Is An Excellent Choice For Students and Young Entrepreneurs

If the operating system Dual China say the new tablet, plus Chuwi Hi10 published? Casual games and movies, and 1.84GHz quad-core Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 64-bit processor fuels proposals Chuwi Hi10 plus is equipped with a lot of power.


3 aspect ratio, screen diagonal of 10.8 inches and a device with a resolution of 1920 * 1280: 2 and better on a big screen, and you should choose the best picture quality screen resolution, see games to play, will It should be enough to use outdoors and so on e-books, and enjoy the video brightness 450 nits.


10, according to the dual-OS, Windows and OS 2.0 Remix Chuwi Hi10 Plus processor 1.84GHz Quad-Core Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 64-bit RAM, 4 GB and 64 GB internal memory and is equipped with a ROM. You can perfectly fit your tablet, of course. TF card and 64GB ROM, and can be extended. Moreover Hi10 and USB 3.1 Connector Type-S. Bilateral symmetry and unique design on the right side of each side. Hi10 Plus OTG expansion, HDMI output of HD video + WiDi the TV screen, the projector supports, and can even change the Set-Top Box.

Battery and camera

8400mAh Li-Polymer battery built Hi10 Plus, watch video or listen to music (in normal conditions) for 4-6 hours playing the game, you can surf the web support (loading / 3A support 5V support). Cameras, front and rear 2 MP cameras.


Chuwi often Hi10 Plus, read books, watch movies and surf the web for those who use tablets to go on a business trip is a good choice. Although not all points, mostly students and young entrepreneurs for a great tablet.

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