Dark Chocolate Is A Blessing

Chocolates, as we have seen so far are known for their fearsome reputation. He is regarded as harmful to our health, bad for our pearly whites, filled with high calories and saturated fats, chocolate has been underestimated in the rule.

If truth be told, regardless of some negative effects, it is packed with health benefits abound. Since chocolate, in general, they are us something beneficial one, the list of aces is dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is obliged to dig their healthy advantage:

A mood:

Dark Chocolate

Eat dark chocolate, which is rich in cocoa, makes you feel relaxed, as it produces endorphins in the brain, a type of chemical that is known to increase your mood and energy levels.

A healer's heart:

Dark Chocolate

It contains flavonoids, antioxidants that improve blood flow to the heart, which represent the risk of heart disease. They bring the blood pressure down to increase the flexibility of the nervous system.

Skin protection:

Skin Dark Chocolate

The present flavonoids in dark chocolate absorb UV rays of the sun so that the skin to protect it from damage.

Fork Health:

Health Dark Chocolate

Can chocolate really keep your dental health? Hard to believe, but it is true that dark chocolate, which is high in cocoa content, for the teeth is good. Cocoa acts as an antibacterial agent that prevents the growth of bacteria that cause plague- to damage the teeth.

Reduced weight:

Dark Chocolate

Chocolates are usually known in your body weight, but dark chocolate performs the opposite function.

Diabetes control:

Diabetes Dark Chocolate

Below in sugar and high cocoa content, the bitter taste of dark chocolate on your palate will reduce the level of blood sugar and not increase it. Give yourself a bit, even moderate amounts of dark chocolate.

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