Eva Dry EDV 1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier Product Overview

Eva is a dry dehumidifier companies specializing in small and mini dehumidifier, because of their small bucket size and overall compact design Eva Dry EDV 1100 includes electric Petite dehumidifier. This dehumidifier stacks relatively well with the competition in terms of smaller dehumidifiers, but you should still recognize that petite dehumidifiers are much less reliable than the larger one. That is because you literally can take large dehumidifiers save $ 150 by buying a small dehumidifier like this one, full size house definitely, it may be worthwhile, in certain cases

Costs Eva Dry EDV 1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier between $ 80- $ 100 if you buy it in a store, but some online retailers sell it for as low as $ 60. That makes this incredible model low compared to the competition as a dehumidifier full size quality costs at this price about $ 250 and you can buy one for the same cost of a full-sized dehumidifier per room more dry Eva dehumidifier.

The nifty part about a small dehumidifier like to take this, is the fact that you get a much quieter dehumidifier. The largest dehumidifier sounds much like a full-size fan when running at full speed, but the dehumidifier is less than a noise level as well as a typical ceiling fan. This advantage makes this dehumidifier ideal for small and used rooms, including bathrooms and bedrooms.

ower consumption
An additional advantage of a small dehumidifier as this is the fact that it uses much less power to operate. As large dehumidifiers usually added $ 10 per month or more to free your energy bill, depending on where you live, if full-time runs, the fact that this much less energy is consumed a great benefit. In addition, this model is Energy Star certified, so you know that you get more energy savings.

Unfortunately, the quality of this dehumidifier is not as good as their larger counterparts.

Dehumidifying power
Another disadvantage for dry Eva EDV1100 is that the dehumidification strength not as high as other models. This means that this dehumidifier has really only enough force to dehumidify a room. So if you are looking to dehumidify a family room, basement or entire floor, this is probably not for the model.
A total of
As long as you take to save ours money and dehumidified with the intention of a smaller space, then this dehumidifier model is really a very good buy. The lower price point, the low noise level and energy efficiency are all great features that make this dehumidifier ideal in these situations.

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