Fake Nails and Flash

Fake Nails and Flash ~ Fake nails have grown in popularity because of this dilemma - now the big spikes just passed a manicure set.

It's like magic in your hands

Visit to save local pharmacy site or the beauty of your offer and you will find a variety of sets of false nails that come with the basics, such as a nail file, applicators and adhesive.

Before applying artificial nails, make sure the old nail polish to nails were removed and washed his hands. Treat yourself to a manicure, as usual, to reduce the natural nails to a comfortable length. The tips file and upper ends of the nail plate to create a smooth surface. Try the fake nails to make sure your size fit. Artificial nails should not be less than the natural nails or vice versa.

Apply to start fake nails with the thumb of the dominant hand. Each space between the false nails and the actual moisture can accumulate. Put glue on the thumb and evenly distributes the fake nails and press to apply about 5-15 seconds. Repeat for the rest of the hand.

When finished, you can still remove each applicator associated with the fake nails and apply nail polish, if you have not bought a polished.

You can also buy artificial nails with the design of the nail or who want to try different colors.

Tips for keeping your fake nails to Greater

1. Avoid frequently soaking or dipping in any liquid for a long time.

2. Dry your hands well to prevent the formation of mold in the case of false nails and the real space between them.

3. If you have any leftovers, put glue between columns with a toothpick utmost care, and press for 5-15 seconds.

The real benefit of artificial nails is that you can easily apply when necessary, and there is less concern to chip or break by accident. As long as you do not abuse your hands and could remain in the fake nails on the fingers for a long time, but be sure your real nails some delay, so as to rest for a few days to avoid discoloration of the nail.

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