Fake Nails Demystification

The popularity of artificial nails, nail the lie that we know today began in 1970 with a similar press mixture. Acrylic nails to cover the entire nail bed forms and attached with glue, as it is still available on the market today, decorative fake nails of this type has changed.

Over the years, improvements can dentists false teeth, and, depending on the natural nail, probably thought the same material used to make nail enthusiasts. Mixtures tread methyl methacrylate (MMA), but the FDA can be used to polish. Then they (IMA), the FDA gave the green light for the use of nail products.

ix as opposed to full compensation for the nail industry, nails, false nails, adding it was not so long. Its popularity is a real success has grown over the years to improve and synthetic liquid nails.

Myth number 1: acrylic nails and can cause allergic reactions.
Truth: allergy is very relative. You can start to improve the nails used in the chemical had already allergic.

Myth 2: acrylic improvement is not a good idea! sparkle nail artificial respiration.
ruth: they have died and hundreds of layers of keratin cells, and as hard as nails. Do not breathe dead cells.

Myth number 3: acrylic liquid pungent odor, which is dangerous for your health
Truth: prolonged exposure to chemicals can be harmful to health, but acrylic false nails to dry for a few seconds, and non-toxic material.

Myth number 4: You can destroy the lining tissue of the nail bed.
True: Primer base may be harmful to the skin, but if you used to be a large amount of methacrylic acid as the nail bed is composed mainly of dead skin cells, it can not be damaged.

Myth number 5: products for artificial nails can damage the nail plate and nail to kill
True: Mix keratinous layers of dead skin cells and strong can not be killed twice.
Fungal or allergic reactions Horror stories of people who have acrylic nails and go, but the popularity of fake nails.

Artificial constant technical education and industrial nail them to improve the work we do today is haunted products for nails.

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