First World War Console For Games

War Console For Games

Since the ban fig leaves to learn how to fashion, is less than five minutes at the beginning of the war. The video game industry, such as landing in Normandy is not dangerous, but the limited number of potential buyers for the masses to spend time with the manufacturers console should do what they want to capture a small amount of money for the product. Game console in the United States, but it was the fight of Nintendo and SEGA, and 83 console games has changed forever after crushing North American video game.

Nintendo has seen interest in the halls of board and card games have been rejected for a card game, and like any good business, you need to adjust to the market seems to be changing. Arcade games and toys, Nintendo found a measure of success with the new enterprises, and the next logical step was to move to the home video game market. '85 In the Famicom system (known) Nintendo game has changed, and it was published worldwide.

At the same time, according to SEGA arcade machines coin, but worked on the home console market to take advantage of. Your SG-1000 console was released at the same time as the NES, but some of the industry in North America in the fall, the lack of games available for the system and device for the console Nintendo said it is strong enough, the SG- 1000 of course, never a base. SG-1000, though many failed to make a splash, game console can be a viable way to make money again demonstrated the success of the NES and SEGA cake. The market share of the Sega Master System was launched in 1987 to compete with the NES. Technical Nintendo console more powerful engine, but already a few years on the market with the NES, Master System victory. NES players, the new system will work hard and try to convince them to change; foreign publishers in many ways, because it feared the risk of a much more difficult problem, for fear of the impact of the liberalization of nintendo, and therefore, the system is limited to the number of games played on the NES.

Master system to emerge as a NES game console, and so SEGA still want to control the video game industry, decided to change its strategy. You better console, then there is no discussion. In 1989, the Sega Mega Drive (known as the United States of Genesis), by far, the NES games ahead until the next generation of hardware power, compared with the 16-bit home video game console released. Orders for the new console generation leap in Marketing SEGA Nintendo decided to fight with the now famous slogan, 'since what NINTENDON'T. "And so, the first major console war actually began.

Sega Genesis aggressive marketing for players was something that happened. Sega and Nintendo console manufacturer, between the front of the so-called fight between the players and the effective contrast to all previous wars. Or SEGA and Nintendo child, and regardless of whether it was right or wrong, who fought for the console was a school in the late eighties.

Many people talk about Nintendo and the HQ played Willy Wonka chocolate factory; happy hour to prepare for the games and pay only for the employees, of course, there is a smile on your child. SEGA marketing strategy, even if it seems too thick. Originally a kid SEGA. Nintendo surprisingly slow response. SEGA to get their claws on the market for a long time there, will have a new Nintendo console was going to take time to prepare.

SEGA Talisman has chosen to compete for the Nintendo Mario. It is intelligent, with a Master Miracle World Alex Kidd and Alex Kidd tried to summarize everything, but Mario was Mr. Kidd, never took off. Now, the streets, the new Nintendo console, the SEGA mascot. Games for children with NES, Genesis, was seen as an exciting new console. Genesis game to the next level. Genesis except SNES released immediately revised. Genesis also continue to sell after the release of the SNES, but have lost their bargaining power with the Super Nintendo Final Genesis, from full power. Genesis was not the future. During the attack on credit Sega for people to admit they want, however, SNES, and then, almost immediately they came less often say, "Welcome to the next level" react changed motto marketing for Nintendo weak console function "Genesis NINTENDON'T." But sega was the largest power problem. These struggles.

If you think, what a console nintendo, and there was a great game. Wii was a great failure for the company, but Mario Kart 8, the last Smash Bros. And Super Mario 3D World All Star Games. What was true at that time only ten times the truth. Super Nintendo Mario RPG, and the like Mario Kart. Even today you can play Super Mario World and the nostalgia was not nearly as pleasant an experience from 2016 remains today to play Sonic the Hedgehog enjoy the excellent design of the game required.

More and more high quality games that were released for the SNES, increase sales, and Nintendo SEGA. when the city holding the SNES generation Genesis console, nintendo console sits on nearly 49 million units sold, and SEGA just under 31 million.

SEGA Nintendo skin, but it is the best the game has been overtaken by a powerful library system. Unfortunately, they did the next two consoles were a number of fatal error of judgment. There were games for the Sega Saturn system at the beginning of each of the top guard. Today, it is more Sonic the Hedgehog games, and published more grim. Most of them Nintendo consoles.

Nintendo is concerned, the victory was short-lived. The destruction of the Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 2 has become the best-selling home console of all time. Until then, the battle between Nintendo and Sega games will continue to be an important and interesting part of the story; the first major console war.

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