Games Virtual Reality and Future Directions

Games Virtual Reality and Future Directions Reviews

With the development of technology, it is very difficult to understand what the future of the game. 2D games, our video games closer to reality today. Focus on video games and consoles.

With that in mind, this virtual reality devices such Occulus Rift and Project Morpheus. Sony Project Morpheus Occulus Rift by Facebook. These devices, which allows you to interact with users of the game around the world, designed to provide users with a premium entertainment experience. You, of course, virtual reality, walking experience like never before writing, dancing, flying.

Virtual Reality, that Leap Motion devices, such as gesture recognition. Which although is not the focus of virtual reality users of handheld video games or even just allowing you to work on your computer to play with gestures. It also allows you to play or to work for a rich experience.

Furthermore, the steam, as the popular online gaming platform. And the Google Store Play as a platform AppStore, and this can be seen in mobile games are always important development. Google Glass, Augmented Reality (AR) plays a great opportunity. We, as well as online games, mobile games and augmented reality (AR) to talk about.

Occulus unaware that the virtual reality of the Rift and other devices that allows you to view the virtual world of virtual reality head-mounted devices.

New Buzz Occulus Rift game world. all active virtual reality: life in virtual reality the expectations? Technology and better every day, you need to be successful resources for this device.

Growing consumer demand and futuristic gaming devices, a new perspective. Occulus Rift and Sony devices like Prometheus stronger base. Leap Motion, gesture to us to try out different gestures and game performance. You not only on your Mac or PC's USB port, the device Leap Motion and you're done. After a simple installation and synchronization, video games, hand movements, you can draw or even use your hands to play. Leap Motion design or drawing accuracy up to 1 cm. And a fast and smooth movement.

Leap Motion is still available in the App Store. This air space called AppStore. The initial stage of Leap Motion, the developers now working on applications. Warcraft Dota 2, and popular online games in the world, such as online games are heard by a larger audience on a regular basis. Online games based on what they do. The benefits for all, has always been a popular online game. Large-scale online games, multiplayer games that come with the option for the future to support him. Augmented Reality (AR) Augmented reality, however, is not part of the physical world with physical units. Virtual reality, imitating the virtual world. Unnatural objects motion detection, object recognition and the other is placed in the unit, according to the technology AR Augmented Reality player in the real world. RA in some embodiments are, of course, a large database of the game.

This aspect can be used as a portable device is perfect devices. Google Glass is used in the eye, such as Google Glass Augmented Reality video games can be a lot of games. Developers with apps for Google Glass AR. So usually the Google Glass so it's going to play a bit of fun and exciting new games AR expectations. Moreover, beta for Google Glass $ 1500TV.

For the future of the game in many areas. In each direction, or directions. All these devices add a new dimension to games.

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