Health One Day Holding A Chocolate

Health one day Holding a Chocolate Delicious and Scrumptious ~ Cardiovascular health is to eat dark chocolate is believed to be the best. Recently, the British Journal of Nutrition Regular chocolate consumption to support new research published. According to new research, the Institute of Health in Luxembourg (LIH), researchers in South Australia, the University of Warwick University and the Medical University of Maine School of eating a small amount of chocolate daily can prevent insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

The study, eating about 100 grams of chocolate daily, among those who claim that a number of participants, the research team compared with insulin resistance and the healthy liver enzymes health looked at people under the age of 18 and 69 1153 at the age of information. Insulin resistance is a key factor in determining the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.
Holding a Chocolate

Academic researchers chocolate and insulin sensitivity in liver enzymes may offer the hypothesis. In this work, perseverance, said participants in the lifestyle and dietary preferences. Tea and coffee consumption can be controlled. Both coffee and tea contain polyphenols results in cardiometabolic chocolate acceleration.

University of Warwick Medical School researcher and director of the Health Bureau population LIH Professor Saverio part of cocoa recommended cardiovascular health and metabolism of food as possible. Chocolate people eat them every day, at least 24.8 grams of 80% among those who participated in the study. These people are young, active and eat chocolate regularly say that it was a relatively high level of education.
The principal investigator of the study, chocolate was the most important socio-demographic profile of Dr Ala Alkerwi, health and healthy eating habits. Researchers randomized controlled and observational research, of course, agrees that we need to understand how to reduce insulin resistance cardiometabolic chocolate and disease prevention.

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