Honda Accord 2013 Family Car

Gives a range of strict criteria, a number of test vehicles in Canada and more than 80 of the leading journalists of the Canadian Association of Journalists (is AJACO) below the price range $ 30,000 to the best new family car. The Honda Accord is often hailed as a big family.

Safety - Air Bag

Safety is often a large family because the parents are the first in the list. 2013 Honda Accord particularly SmartVent side airbags reduce the risk of damage to the vehicle, including a number of new and innovative features, the first to determine the safety. Side airbags in a Honda Accord car occupations will help to ensure the car during the accident.

Safety - ABS

Road safety is another important aspect, and have no intention of slowing down. E
ven under conditions of heavy braking and emergency - 2013 Honda Accord 4-wheel anti-lock brake system (ABS) to help the driver always has full control of the vehicle. Even when the emergency brake is used to brake the vehicle by applying full brake pressure to help increase the performance of the vehicle brake. Moreover, the agreement is based on how the weight is distributed in the distribution of electronic braking car (EBD) to optimize brake performance.

ody structure safety and vehicle stability

Finally, for the families. A good choice for the structure of the body, compared to some of the most important safety features of the Accord car structure Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body, the distribution of energy in a fight. Sustainable direction and to identify problems and even fix an update of the curves well and to improve the stability, both to help promote driver.

Warranty and Price

Honda new car warranties in the industry. A guarantee stability, lower vehicle maintenance cost, quality and the family behind the product to make sure the vehicle. 2013 family at the price they can afford, the more valuable your safe load trip, a family car award. Innovative safety features and warranty Honda Accord family car, children will one day want to go in 2013.

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