Honda Accord 2013 Security Concerns

We focus on safety majority of car owners driving. Finally, most people die from lung cancer is inevitable crash damage, there is a great opportunity. If you're like most people, then, of course, at home, in a Honda Accord 2013 car driving any other brand in the world. Here's why.

riefly look at the statistics of road accidents in the United States

The National Road Administration Road Safety (NHSTA) after a car accident that nearly 3 million people are injured each year. Every year, 40,000 people lose their lives due to road accidents is even worse, more than two million people suffer from permanent damage. It trembles numbers one through the spine to correct.

What should I do to prevent accidents?

Honda's Safety Features Accord 2013

What is the result of the new contract? Here are some of the features are:

The technological body structure of the new Accord Advanced Technology Compatibility (ACE), a revolutionary technology, distributed in front of the vehicle to reduce the power transmitted to the car's cabin is built with the energy of a frontal collision.

Effective braking system to hold the 2013 Accord interlock brakes and body wheels to prevent the anti-lock brake system.

Sustainability technology.
This car automatically brake individual wheels to help restore the course to help the vehicle to reduce engine power to help oversteer and understeer can correct.

Technological system. It airbag crash severity and other factors include, but are based on the use of seat belts are automatically opened, equipped with front airbags. The front side airbags and side curtain airbags to protect passengers.

warning systems. 2013 Accord will automatically detect the presence of vehicles in front of you and when you feel you are at risk to build a visual and / or audible alarm. a piece of the action and Honda experience the difference!

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