Honda Accord 2013, Which Is The Best Time For Honda

2013 Honda Accord is simply no doubt that this popular version of the name is still the best on the market today. A highly effective but very comfortable, stylish and fun to drive a medium sedan, and if so, then you will never go wrong by choosing the Honda Accord 2013.

So what is the new Honda Accord is a cut above the rest? If you can go in terms of full performance fuel cylinder or V6 model, a new, improved version of the model of the House, so that, compared with the previous models.
The new Honda Accord comes with two engine options. Models about 27 mpg (city) and 36 mpg (highway) is equipped with a CVT improves fuel efficiency and, most importantly, the fuel efficiency of 21 mpg (city) and 34 mpg (highway) to improve. A traditional hybrid, Honda is expected to debut in the summer of 2013, expected for the first quarter of 2013 will be the first sedan Accord Hybrid plug-in.

This new design. The new Honda Accord is the best touch of elegance and a beautiful, elegant, and features can be described as a sport. This simplified Honda Accord 2013 interior. Although outside offers a luxurious and comfortable place, more legroom and cargo space. The new Accord, rear right, Forward Collision Warning, Lane warning systems, adaptive cruise control and dual zone climate control will help to drive the car to see what was happening Lane tracking system Watch blind date. This model, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for cloud-based satellite navigation and entertainment system, you can continue to help.

With all these features, the new Honda Accord, in the class of 2013, there is no doubt about it.

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