How To Buy A Dehumidifier For Your Home

Do you have a moisture problem at home? If you notice creaking floors, condensation development in Windows, or worsens the symptoms of allergy, the moisture content of your home may be out of tune. Low humidity can cause problems such as increased static electricity; Difficulty breathing; to buy and cracking and peeling of furniture and painting, but a cheap humidifier for your home is a simple solution. However, high humidity are often a more challenging problem. If your home is too wet, it can be a breeding ground for mold growth; Ceilings and walls stained; and excessive condensation on windows and mirrors. About the Humidity - We listen to weather reports talk moisture and humidity daily often stuffy about this feeling is compared feel a steam bath on a summer day. The moisture is usually expressed in forms such as absolute humidity and relative humidity. Absolute humidity refers divided by the mass of dry air to a volume of air at a given temperature. On the mass of water vapor As such, the air is hotter, contains more water.

In addition, relative humidity refers to the ratio between the actual absolute humidity to the highest possible absolute humidity. If a setting is 100 percent relative humidity, this means that the air is saturated with water vapor and do not keep more moisture. Overall, people are very sensitive to moisture because the skin to air depends to get rid of moisture. Sweating is the way the body to keep cool and to keep its current temperature. Therefore one feels much hotter than the actual temperature when the humidity is high. On the other hand, if there is low relative humidity, you will feel much colder than the actual temperature because the sweat evaporates quickly and cools us. In other words, if the air temperature is 75 ° F with zero relative humidity of the air will sense the temperature as if it was 69 ° F. To measure the moisture content, you can download a small, inexpensive hygrometer buy (often a humidity sensor or moisture indicator on called). This device measures the humidity in your home and will confirm if there is too little or too much moisture. Even if the air is very dry, you can regulate the humidity with a humidifier. However, if your air is too moist, a dehumidifier can help keep the relative humidity of the air at the desired level, control musty odors and protecting the damage to furniture caused by water.

What is a dehumidifier? Dehumidifiers are devices that reduce the moisture in the air. Desiccant dehumidifiers (dehumidifier or passive) are known for their use of a substance called drying, dehumidifying the air. This substance has an affinity for water vapor, and the dehumidification is the drying material with a high relative humidity to an air stream in suspend. These dehumidifiers are not using compressors and are best used in areas with low temperatures and relatively low humidity. Examples of desiccant dehumidifiers would be the EH-500F Eva-Dry and EDV300 Eva-Dry.

However, mechanical dehumidifier (or active desiccant) are much more common and are simply efficient air conditioning with hot and cold coils in the same box. A fan draws the room air on the cold-rolled coil from AC to condense moisture, which is often collected in a bucket. Dry air is then passed through the hot coil to heat it happen to its original temperature. Therefore mechanical dehumidifiers are easy to raise the temperature of the air, as opposite to air conditioning, which cools the air that is dehumidified. Examples of mechanical dehumidifier would be the NewAir AD-400 and Soleus CFM40.

How to buy a dehumidifier when a dehumidifier to buy, there are several factors to consider, such as drive size, dehumidification and security features. Furthermore, a dehumidifier can operate with a smaller capacity continuously and not to reduce the moisture to appropriate levels.

Portability: If you are looking to move the space dehumidifier in the room, for a unit that is compact, lightweight and includes a carrying handle or rolling rolls.

Built-in humidistat: If you want to be able to set different humidity levels, a dehumidifier with a moisture sensor is found crucial. This function is in the power on / off automatically depending on the humidity setting.

Low temperature operation / Automatic Defrost: If you may be using the dehumidifier in colder temperatures than 65 ° C, for a unit that an anti-freeze sensor and can be operated at low temperatures.

Storage tank capacity: Most dehumidifiers have accumulated storage tanks for water. If you do not plan a model to purchase a drain terminal, you will need to empty the tank regularly.
Continuous drainage: dehumidifier with a drain will eliminate empty the trouble of condensation tank. Just connect a hose to the dehumidifier, and the moisture will flow through the hose.

Washable / removable air filter: dehumidifier, the washable filters trap dust in the air and particles. If the filter is washable, makes maintenance a breeze: simply remove the filter; wash it with mild soap and water; and replace it back inside the unit.

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