How To Drive Helicopter Parrot AR Drone

Drive the helicopter Parrot AR Drone is completely fun on your own, as you need to tilt and control your Apple-compatible device driver to change direction. His joy is enhanced by video views the incoming breath and the touch-screen movements used for acceleration and speed reduction.

The first visible technology is the first machine controlled by full control system - the I-Phone, I-Pod Touch or I-Pad - wireless connectivity. Quite simply, the machine is controlled by tilting the wireless controller for Apple changes of direction, increasing and decreasing movement speed with touch and accelerometer controller. Numerous sensors are below the central body of the helicopter Parrot AR Drone to help with the direction of the machine and its entire management movement. These include the system of mini inertial measurement unit that works on the underside of the machine in connection with the high-speed camera. These inertial measurements make for automatic stabilization in flight with pitch, yaw and roll movements, similar to those to balance the ships at sea. Below are step by step tips to help you simply run your Parrot AR Drone helicopter a pleasant experience during the flight.

· Charge. The free app of AR flights from the online store I-tunes Install it on your Apple I-Pod Touch or I-Phone.

· Turn the device driver from Apple Mode to "level".

· Connect the Drone machine and make sure that the wireless network is enabled.

· Turn off the Wi-Fi on the controller device and connect to the wireless network of the machine.

· Activate. The application of free flight within the wireless network range, which automatically synchronizes both devices

A touch of the shutter button at the bottom center of the screen controller brings the drone to life. Without any action, the helicopter Parrot AR Drone a few feet above the ground jumping for checks wait to perform more and higher.

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