How To Fake Nails?

Many of you know pump Budget shells, when you look at your coins and coins, can apply artificial nails at home the way to go. Buy a fake nail kit that the desired look. Fake nails come with everything to wild natural colors and decorated crazy decorations. To open fake nails of various sizes your package and figure out which was easily ten nails before starting the application on your natural nails. Cut the natural nail to just above the tip of the finger. There should be very little or no white tips on your nails. Fake nails adhere shortened better on your natural nails.

Your nails need moisture too! Soak hands moistened, removes dirt and softens the cuticles. Give plenty of lotion on your hands and nails, then wash your hands.

Apply Start your first nail. Turn the artificial nail more with the curved side down, so that you can see the page that stick on your nail. Apply half drop of glue on the nail. Then apply a half drop of glue nail on the natural nail is with compared (leaving more than half of a drop dripping the sides of your nail sticking out). Align the false nail with a cuticle and push the artificial nail to the natural nail. Keep the false nail firmly on your natural nail for 30 seconds, then apply the rest of your nails in the same manner.

Wait at least an hour before you do your nails filing or to any activity that his new artificial nails (including washing dishes or typing on the computer) can influence. When you apply and find that you have a bubble a nail, dip the tip of his finger in a remover of artificial nails acetone base. Wash your hands and dry, then use the same procedure to apply the nail again. Enjoy your killer manicure!

Artificial house-nails can be as beautiful as your natural nails manicure or their nails done in a salon. They are also an economical alternative to other nail treatments. However, if you are looking for a long time, each treatment day nails, artificial nails, you can drag from a beauty salon into consideration. Gel nails and artificial nails of a living room require much less maintenance than at home options. Gel nails and acrylic nails get a beauty salon and your nails longer than many false nail kits and require less replacement of defective or lost nails.

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