How To Taste Gourmet Belgian Chocolate?

Taste Delicious Gourmet Belgian Chocolate

Gourmet chocolate may be true masterpieces of culinary art; and like a good, know how many flavours and textures luxury chocolate tasting is a technique to enhance their understanding, enhance appreciation and hope that your experience with the food!

These skills will help you also tell the difference between truly magical chocolate and chocolate that is well packaged. Each time, our chef creates a new collection of Belgian chocolates, which takes me to the first principles back.

Let's start from the beginning: chocolate

chocolate Gourmet

Find buy some fine chocolate and various types: try milk, dark and white, to experiment with chocolate ever. If you are milk lover with chocolate, do not forget something dark or white in diversity included that you get.

Do not be afraid contain some unusual flavours, such as sea salt balances the sweetness of the chocolate miraculously and pepper improves cocoa earthy notes.

The ideal temperature to enjoy gourmet Belgian chocolate, is 20 ° C. Ogle, arrange them in a nice way, as defined, so that you too dark to see the progress of light.

Often an indication of your taste Remembers, people's perception is often influenced by what the eye sees. A chocolate that begins to melt in your hands quickly shows a high percentage of cocoa butter, which is a good sign.

Biting Chocolate - When it bites with a sign in a chocolate, it should not tear them apart. Soft chocolate, these properties do not appear.

Chewing chocolate - Chew the chocolate into his mouth a few times. Then press the chocolate to the top of his mouth. Let Linger melted chocolate in your mouth and let you get the flavours.

Aftertaste - Swallow the chocolate and live on the sublime taste that remains.

Length - each chocolate has a different length to taste, it helps define.

Score sheets - Follow the chocolates you like with a tasting sheet.

Taste - can try to identify the main flavours.

Aftertaste - identify the taste of chocolate.

Hard in the mouth - how long the taste in the mouth remains: medium short, long?

Texture - The texture that best defines this type of chocolate inside and outside.

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