If You Play Roller Hockey Equipment for a Shilling?

Play Roller Hockey Equipment for a Shilling

If you have children, then you are probably already familiar with hockey equipment on ice. And adults - can be played at any time, at home, to participate in this new sport of the population, as well as "street hockey" or "Inline hockey", and children.

Flat surface, hockey skates played on an ice rink, and the game can be started in one place. This area sidewalks, alleys, vacant parking lots or even street location, so you can include the name of "street hockey".

Hockey skates and equipment drops game hits

Ice hockey, like his colleague, hockey skates protective equipment. Gloves, padded pants and shirt, knee pads, helmets and masks may contain. Because there is no goalkeeper hockey skates, and very well may be wrapped for protection. We start with the beginning of inline hockey.

Inline Skates game

At the bottom of skateboard "line" to all four wheels for skating game, generally in-line skates. Hockey skates game to keep trying. Hockey, inline skates for good support is essential.

Many wheels designed for transportation and storage resistance. Ice start at around $ 110 and go fast. Up to $ 1000 or more free skates A pair of high quality.

Inline Skates used in shoe size shoe size is typically smaller than usual. Toes almost skating in front of the fat. Skates your feet to feel safe at home and when fully fastened.

For those who play the position of the tip Skates.

Hockey equipment Rollers elbow, shin, knee and shoulder comprises a gear

Do not forget this amazing speed, not a flying saucer, and can cause serious damage to players suspended rods. Your injuries holes, shock and fall protection equipment for hockey skates. Thighs, hips and buttocks in gear embankment shoulder and ready to wear belts. Wear protective gloves.

There is also a special knee pads and elbow pads. If dropped, the landing weight, typically knees and elbows.

Helmet and mask discs and protection of vibration from flying sticks. Goalkeepers in the chest, arm and leg protection, including more aware of the need for its protection.

Play the game proper hockey equipment Roller

Now we have fun! Hockey equipment necessary to finish the game a demon, hockey sticks and goal line to pay for the ice rink. Game played on smooth surfaces, such as pavement and concrete, spheres or discs, street hockey player.

Needless to say, the ice hockey equipment is now on special balls and discs that are designed for specific climatic conditions. A group of 70 degrees or a game designed for the hot air to be heated.

Hockey Skates Hockey stick their colleagues are very similar, but the way the game is designed. Stick to the left or right hand models. Like ice hockey, a little different bar keepers, wardens, the unit can move up and down the court that makes the difference. Inline hockey stick on the ice from their colleagues a bit different.

As ice hockey, and as owner of the authorities to prevent the network disk before printing. The designs are available in various sizes, depending on the needs of players. Article 6 x 4 feet, if you want to target.

Some with little skating and ice hockey equipment, players can enjoy the nature and teamwork!

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