Introducing Dehumidifier and Function

Use dehumidifiers to (similar to a heat pump air conditioning) or chemical adsorbents without cooling the air to remove moisture from the air, a heat pump.

Dehumidifier heat pump uses a fan to draw air through an inner coil heat exchange. The water in the air condenses on the coil and is discharged. A second coil heat exchanger heats the air, which exhausted the dehumidifier in the room.

A dehumidifier heat pump turns the waste heat from the engine compressors and blowers for air. It returns to the air inside the heat generated by the dehumidifier water vapor turns to liquid.

Chemical adsorbent dehumidifiers

This type of dehumidifier is designed for hot and humid climates and is not really suitable for use in Canada.

Chemical adsorbent dehumidifier absorb moisture from the air with a "desiccant" - a drying agent such as silica gel. The desiccant is a heat exchanger. A separate circuit would dry the wheel and exhausts the air hot and humid outside through special channels.

A dehumidifier sorbent chemistry consumes more energy than a dehumidifier heat pump. It is only viable if natural gas for heat exchange with - and only when natural gas is at a low rate of summer.

omemade dehumidifier

Some inventive use sacks road de-icing salt to absorb moisture from the air. A wet saline drips into a pan or floor drain, air drying. If you try this homemade dehumidifier, remember that salt is highly corrosive to metals and quite hard on the skin.

ans Dehumidifiers

This type of dehumidifier has a fan sensor controller and exhaust. A fan dehumidification is particularly effective when the source of the moisture in the basement.

Fans recover no heat dehumidifier, but they use less energy than electric heat pump dehumidifier. They are not effective in hot weather, stuffy because they bring more outside air into the house. A fan vented your basement dehumidification, which can cause combustion gas leakage. Make sure that your heating contractor check the ventilation for gas furnace, water heater and appliances burning wood.

Choosing a Dehumidifier

Cost dehumidifier

Dehumidifier heat pump are complex machines, low production and are not cheap items. You pay more for special features.

- Good for a small house with a moderate moisture problem. The price rises to between $ 250 and $ 350 for a unit with a capacity of 20 liters per day (42 US pints or 4.3 imperial gal.)
- Suitable for a large house with serious problems.

Operating costs for both units are about the same, if both have the same efficiency. Try to save money has not purchasing a unit, the automatic defrost. If the room is too cold, a dehumidifier can stop freezing and removing moisture. Get a unit with a two-stage fan. They are quieter with low humidity, which reduces the cost factor.

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