Introduction To Fake Nails

Long nails looking to the Ming Dynasty in China, are not considered desirable characteristics of women. Long nails give a dramatic effect when painted.

For many women, it is impossible to grow beautiful nails themselves. Some nails grow very thin and wear or peel. Although nails grow thick and strong, they tend to break during normal daily activities.

Alternatively, nails that grow their own women prefer wearing acrylic nails. Fake
nails are available in different materials.

Fake nails, usually acrylic coating over the nail. They can be manufactured in a variety of colors, including the popular horns, head of the nail, naked peak of color and white. Servicing and maintenance of acrylic nails easily. Acrylic nails can be removed with the use of strong solvents.

A more modern method for creating artificial nails is the use of UV gel (no) light reacts. Gel formed on the nail, and then cured under UV-light. This type of nail normally require less maintenance because they are less likely to fill a need, but not as strong as acrylic nails.

Another option is a nail, "packaged" silk, linen or fiberglass. With this method, a thin layer of material is applied directly on the natural nail. This type of treatment can really nail a natural look, if done correctly, but can not keep a good thing, leading a very active life of people.

The best type of artificial nails can be purchased in plastic nails from the pharmacy and home with the help of quick-drying glue on their program. This type of false nails does not last long, because they tend to be on the nail for a week or after burns.

If you think you've made your nails, you should look at all available options. If the selection of the Interior, should pay attention to clean and qualifications. If an unqualified person uses its artificial nails, threatens to leave the bed of nails damaged or damaged cuticles.

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