It Is The Healthy Fasting? The Pros and Cons

In this article talk about fasting, it is healthy and the pros and cons to.

Fasting has been around for centuries. It is the fast did not fast in Ramadan with Muslim religion and Gandhi in protest.

Now there is something called 5: 2 diet a normal diet food for 5 days and 2 days 25% to eat what you normally eat.

It is healthy to go without food? First, let's talk about the negatives. Go without food or 25% of what you eat is more difficult generally. Researchers say fasting "triggers a regenerative switch", the new white blood cells brand creates, essentially regenerating the entire immune system. After USC News Two studies showed a rapid short-term cancer cells starve and helps chemo better target cancer therapies.

Researchers at the Inter-Mountain Medical Center Heart Institute found that men who had fasted 24 hours, which an increase of 2000% in the human growth hormone had, the cells grow back. They had also significantly reduced their triglycerides, increased HDL cholesterol and to stabilize blood sugar.

Next suffering children of epileptic seizures, are less of them if they put on calorie restriction or fasting. A study by the National Library of Medicine saw women who were food deprived for 24 hours and tested how sharp his mind was.

None of the tasks - including sustained attention, attention, simple reaction time or immediate memory were found to be impaired.

However, the performance was in a low processing load object touching significantly worse when people were deprived of food prior to the test for 24 hours. Moreover, the memory will be improved if one is withdrawn from the food. The United States National Library of Medicine tested against 50 people and after they had a 30% reduction in calories. They found a significant increase in verbal memory scores after caloric restriction.

estrict the amount of calories you can consume allow someone to live longer. Japan has more people over 100 live than anywhere else, and many practice the art of eating completed up to 80%. Calorie restriction in mice, yeast, fish, flies, worms and monkeys showed live longer.

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