Museum Of Modern Art In Chicago Illinois

Museum Of Modern Art In Chicago Illinois You Should Visit

A building that was originally a bakery, Chicago Contemporary Art (MCA) Museum was established in Illinois in 1967 and the beginning of the space for temporary exhibitions. In 1974, he began buying the permanent collection MCA. After years of expansion into neighboring buildings, 1,945 pieces of this permanent collection of contemporary art, the East Avenue MCA 220 Chicago, the current location, the former arsenal Address 1907 to 1993, the National Guard was founded in 1996 in the position move the architect Josef Paul Kleihues, limestone and aluminum and the gallery space, including 45,000 square feet of new construction and a sculpture garden and an amphitheater designed by the first American structure.

Today, the MCA surrealism, minimalism and conceptual photography with a collection of 2,345 works of contemporary art. month trying to Chicago exhibition of art and artists. MCA chef Wolfgang Puck, has worked to create a restaurant with full service and express opposite. Museum MCA dinner at Puck is not required, but reservations are recommended. MCA Puck cuisine of the Mediterranean and Asia.

MCA Museum, including free daily excursions and private tours, family tours and school trips. "Exhibition Focus" free tour lasts 45 minutes, and 12:00 and 14:00 .. "Highlights 13:00 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 13:00 - 18:00 Tours" Free Tour 20 30 minutes and 13:00 and 3:00 Saturday and Sunday, but does not work .. Courses, seminars and lectures at any skill level to MCA. MCA members receive a discount on prices. Live MCA, and tactics.

If you want to visit the MCA, Chicago Avenue Discount parking in the garage.

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