Myanmar To Explore The Beautiful Flowers

Myanmar To Explore The Beautiful Flowers

Myanmar beauty of the earth. Apart from this unique natural gifts of Myanmar, the country also has the best collection of beautiful flowers; One part of the country.

The country's most beautiful and bright flowers are loved by people around the world have been blessed with a mild climate. Myanmar with a variety of different types of flowers. These orchids and many other tropical flowers and exotic flowers.


All shapes and unique and surprising color

The Myanmar flowers are often exported to many countries around the world through.

Attractiveness and beauty, like flowers buying from Myanmar, not only to many people around the world, but they are much cheaper than in other countries because Myanmar consumers, depending on how you want to separate the flowers, messages or packets, and many kinds of baskets, plants, sold in forms of packaging, such as bearings.

The flowers are often sold in shops and markets, and fled to the sidewalk, and several markets.

Myanmar seasonal flowers, because flowers, depending on which month of the year.

Here is a list of Myanmar flowers in full bloom, and have months:

Padauk, Gantgaw Yinka Swetaw and Zala

Flowers bloom in March and April is the best. Padauk or Myanmar New Year Celebration "(held in April) during the Thingyan festival.
In June and July this year

Ponenyet and Rose.

Yinmar flowers in August and September.

September, October - Konkamun.

Kawa, Pyi Myanmar in October and November Shwayn pieces colors.
Kwara Nyo

December, January, and full of flower presents the colorful buttons.
Pauklay Letpan and Suupan

The best January-February.

Phetsot ingym for March and February Tharaphee flowers.

That about to explore the beautiful flowers in Myanmar, travel greetings.

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