New RS250 Range Rover Evoque in Imperial Blue with Concave Wheels

Called New RS250 Range Rover Evoque

In order to expand its range and reach a different type of consumer, Rover / Range Rover has developed a new small crossover that was cheaper and also less than the models that preceded it.

The success of the new model has led to the design of spare parts of the British team to create a new upgrade program for the Range Rover SUV.

Called RS250 Evoque, the new upgrade program has a new blue exterior paint scheme and has numerous body components and concave wheels Range Rover that give you a new look.

The design team and after-sales first approached the exterior design engineers Evoque. The SUV was equipped for the first time with his body before all the SUV was repainted.

The front has been given a new bumper, three grille dimensions screened, inserts mesh lower grille, LED daytime running lights, lettering business on the hood, trim headlights, a lower spoiler for insertion and side lighting.

Each side uses new enamel badges, a pair of side skirts and door sills that run between the new Range Rover wheels, matt gray door handles, and a special in the vehicle lighting system to assist in entrance at night.

All Evoque then gave an imperial color blue base paint that has been mixed with a hood painted in silver and black roof that goes to the back of the SUV.

After work the body has been installed and everything was painted, the British secondary market design team then installed a new set of concave forged wheels and a new exhaust system in stainless steel.

The wheels of the plant have been removed and replaced by new concave wheels Range Rover measure 9.0 x 21 for the front and rear axles and provide SUV with a more muscular position.

A replacement exhaust system also replaces the default configuration and uses a valve control system which alters the volume of the engine, depending on the position of the accelerator pedal.

Behind the wheel Range Rover feels freshly painted blue brake calipers to complete the exterior paint system.

Inside, the British design team installed an interior size. All box seats, doors, dashboard and the glove was given a black leather jacket with quilted stitching and Alcantara.

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