Parrot AR Drone Helicopter Gaming

As most people say, the most fun games are available videogames. But the helicopter Parrot AR Drone took the competition away from all the candidates with the introduction of the first flying machine controlled wireless. So, this is much more than a game as you fly can simulate competitions, fighter and virtual wars with your friends.

The games that include helicopter Parrot AR Drone single player game against the computer and multi-player on-board games can be enjoyed to play against friends who also have the Drone. The drone is equipped with two virtual games, ie "Drone Wars" and "Robot" preinstalled. The first can solo and multi-player mode are played, while the latter only be played solo, so can defeat a virtual robot. A great feature of this helicopter Parrot AR Drone is the developers open source platform gives the opportunity games compatible with the I-OS the machine is for business or personal pleasure to build sales. The CEO of Parrot company, Henri Seydoux assured developers that keep them permitted generates 100% of sales of compatible applications for this device independently built. During the flight, and games, there is no momentary stop enjoying the experience as the Parrot AR Drone switched on autopilot, if you take the hands of Apple device driver. The games are best enjoyed with guidance inertial and integrated safety functions. For example, the propellers come with security guards rotor stick in your blade debris to prevent and control device interface has an emergency button to stop the engine in an emergency. So if you have decided to take your game to the next level, then the helicopter Parrot AR Drone is the most viable option for you.

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