PlayStation Game Has Changed

How PlayStation Game Has Changed In Game Industry?

In the early nineties, Nintendo video game industry is the undisputed king. SNES and Megadrive generation end, SEGA released, began with the idea to play CDs, instead of cartridges, CD SEGA Megadrive.

Nintendo is now involved and CD technology. Will the material that is known to work with the CD for help and had talks with the construction of the Sony SNES CD drive.

Sony to spend time and money to learn the game industry and the construction of a prototype, but broke the negotiations between the two Japanese companies.

If you ask anyone, or have agreed to the terms of the secret of the company, other than Nintendo and Sony at the last minute to leave, or asking too much money Sony and Nintendo reacted businesses.


The result is still the same was true; Sony SNES-CD in his ear. Sony and Nintendo in the console and are ready to enter the fray, what if you decide to use; They called the PlayStation and Nintendo released the next major release of the console in 1994, almost two years ago.

What ultimately most popular console manufacturers in the world of Sony and Nintendo as the dominant position in the last 20 years thought it must discard.

Sony original PlayStation console, with great success in the field of marketing, one of the main reasons for this. Before almost every PlayStation game consoles for children.
Sony, particularly young adults in their marketing is also a smart move by the players, who grew up with a hit in a Nintendo console PlayStation, but no longer anything good progress. Sony PlayStation nightclubs and popular approval photos or games console. Sony cool games.

It's time for the next console Nintendo, the Nintendo 64, the company does not use cartridges instead of CD, which surprised many with the announcement. The logic behind smart enough to decide;
CD cartridges robbers is quite simple, and use the CD copying games with fears that it will cost them a lot of money. Nintendo N64 cartridges and two years of development time, the decision to stay was more powerful than the PlayStation, and that almost was not.
Nintendo Squaresoft and Nintendo consoles brought all the Final Fantasy games. But had to buy their CD production values ​​jumped ship space for PlayStation Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy series can promote the quality of the decision limits the title of the next scene, you know, because.

RPG Japan to play the role of the first games to millions of players, and the role of engineers the kind of popularity then began to play almost all kinds of filters. Today the RPG system of FIFA. But, like Final Fantasy VII Games were important, even more important for Sony.
Final Fantasy has become a big deal in Japan, and have JRPGs fans rose to position more than a consolidation of the island of household console by Sony, the PlayStation action. The Final Fantasy series was very popular among players from all over the world, it was a case of Final Fantasy VII.
Actors, oral infections and a strong marketing campaign, the Final Fantasy VII, because some impressive sales was more than a great success. Cloud and Sephiroth told the players hugged, and total sales for JRPGs.
Final Fantasy Premier brand and look forward to a number of players in future versions of events. Final Fantasy VII was also impressive - Square for the N64 game would not be possible if the images.
Final sector of gambling Fantasy VII PlayStation due to serious path and there was only one thing well. Additional storage capacity available for technical developers to work with high quality music and video for the PlayStation discs were rejected by the N64.
Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Tomb Raider titles, as simply not worked N64 and the Sony console all major outlets. Moreover, nintendo, often tested and proven to be the answer to such games as Mario and Zelda games tend to remain.

Despite the high quality of Nintendo games from that time that was down to the hardware. featured an analog stick at the end of this generation inspired by the controller N64, Sony launched the first Dual Shock controller and changed the way we play everything.
Standard Nintendo D-Pad 3D games that require a bit more precision analog stick on the controller, including a smart move. But Sony had the idea, and did the smart thing.
Player characters, and the left analog stick to control the camera, we can control the way the game was using the analog stick. Microsoft and nintendo, and a copy of this approach, and now, in the control system of the two analog time before a 3D shooting game, funny game sense, so common.

Nostalgia as a game console, the Nintendo paint; Entered the territory of the unknown, the researchers said. But Sony is what it is today, making the game industry, the company found what you are accustomed. PlayStation than the leading brand of video games that Nintendo has always been active.

The reason for this is a part of the initial success of the console PlayStation. Strange 3D games can be the first step, but the foundations were laid when the console games has changed forever.
PlayStation, changing the perception of the industry people through a combination of clever marketing, and one of the largest in the world have helped to protect some of the most important markets.

Changed many people today, the original PlayStation game console will remember. Final Fantasy VII and the first rpg, you can play Metal Gear Solid movie and try them or pants Silent Hill frighten or not the PlayStation is a very important moment in the history of video games, and our comfort, a wonderful library.

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