Range Rover Evoque, Something Different

Range Rover Evoque Different

Although always in secret, with only one photo published so far, the new Range Rover Evoque is expected to turn heads at the Paris Motor Show in September, when it is finally put on public display.

The Evoque will be the smallest and lightest Range Rover ever and with its two doors, new look and high expectations of a great fuel economy; it should be a useful addition. Like all Range Rover, it is available in four-wheel drive and a version with two wheels. It features a distinctive grille close with two hot air vents underneath and back arched.

Again, it is a Range Rover is designed for rough terrain and eat miles or off road should not pose any particular problem. With its 240 hp engine, it is also equipped with a six-speed gearbox, independent suspension and Land Rover response system now famous, which allows the Evoque easily through a variety of surfaces such as grass, gravel or snow.

The exterior is built on a journey of rugged terrain, but the interior is elegant and modern cabin. There are different ambient lighting settings depending on the terrain you are traveling around and aluminum panel has a connecting iPhone to the point. Sleek looking and able to give a smooth and comfortable ride in urban areas and throughout the country, the Evogue should prove to be a popular member of the Range Rover family.

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