Rose A Plant Grown For Its Beautiful Flowers

This is a lovely fragrant pink flowers and love for the lady of the house in the garden, plant, which is known as the plant. Flowers are white or pale yellow and bright red and pink. Asian parents are about 100 species of roses. Several varieties in North America, Europe and Africa. There are beautiful flowers produce hybrids.

In general, the plants, such as standing up plants or creepers. The smallest may be only a few centimeters high, to a height of 7 m high and grapes. This plant is easy to hybridize. R
oot of the plant is always sharp spines. The beautiful flowers of this plant are pollinated by insects only. The resulting fruit will help with the distribution of seeds and plant seeds are eaten by birds and droppings rich in vitamin C.

Rose and building a plant grown in the gardens. Often because their flowers and cut flowers used to be so beautiful. S
ome species are grown for the perfumer scent. Although certain types of seasonal flower growers, part of the production of flowers throughout the year.

ink flowers cut from one of the most popular flowers. The moderate climate plants grown in greenhouses countries. Usually, the flowers bloom, cut the flowers before and kept refrigerated until the goal. Then a vase of flowers in bloom. This skin, as well as aircraft sold in different countries.

ose oil used to produce flower aromas.

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