Secret Indians Bribri 'of Costa Rica Longlife Raw Cacao

Costa Rican Indians have some of the longest-lived people on Earth. We spent time with the Bribri in Talamanca Mountains to visit. They, like many modern Indians living between two worlds. They use modern clothes, live in modern houses and carry mobile phones. Chocolate is good for you! In fact, drinking the Bribri 5-6 cups of unsweetened, rich drink every day, and they say their strong anti-oxidants are the secret of their longevity.

Visit. The Bribri in the hills of southern Costa Rica and spend time with a woman, 72 years old named Ophelia Ophelia and her family have a farm or farm in Costa Rica, where they allow cocoa plants growing wild. If the red and yellow peppers mature, they harvest the cocoa pods filled bean and take them to a large barn, which is cool and dark inside and covered with chocolate powder.

Imagine the aroma!

Raw Cacao

Step into the barn with a sweet smell and you will be greeted with carpets full of dry cocoa beans, chocolate white bags filled to the brim and ready for the market, and - my favorite part - small bowls of raw cocoa squares flavored with things like coconut, cinnamon, vanilla , pepper, papaya, pineapple, almonds, hazelnuts, or wild honey. Samples are free and more, all natural, fantastically well stand for you bars for sale.

It will also tell you that young people do not drink cocoa as the old DO.

There is a plate of the raw beans ground have prepared the paste and cut it into a powder and cook in hot water for you. Prove drinking and their bitter wealth. Definitely not the cocoa to make his mother. This drink is pure and dark and has little oily circles cocoa butter floating on top. And it is full of healthy fats for heart and cancer prevention polyphenols.

So here's suggest. Try to replace your morning coffee with a cup of raw cocoa.

Here is favourite recipe Raw Cacao Hot Beverage

Cacao Hot Beverage


10 oz water

2 tablespoons raw cacao soup

Generous pinch of sea salt

A few drops of vanilla

A pinch of cinnamon

1 tablespoon honey

Boil water with salt and cocoa. Beat with a fork or whisk. Boiling for 2 minutes or less (this ensures that melted cocoa)

Turn off the heat and add the vanilla and cinnamon

Pour Add in your favourite mug, honey and stir well

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