Sneak Peek Honda Accord 2013

Sneak Peek Honda Accord 2013 Reviews

You are close to the vest, the next generation can not keep blaming the Honda Accord. the popular Accord in the United States, the average sedan or a coupe five passengers and a bestseller model is one of the most consistent and famous names.

In 2013, the internal agreement from the outside, a bit small, which is a great need to update a program offers a new style for all new models.

Honda, this model for more detailed information we share with you.

Great name

Honda sedan and coupe configurations with a number of medium-sized vehicles, Nissan Altima model, and a model to be sold. Car, a compact model, sold in the United States after the Civil War was the second car of Honda. Today, citizenship is a compact and Accord midsize model.

Five seats earlier models trying to build a strong ninth generation Accord. These vehicles like the Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Hyundai Sonata and Fusion as fuel efficient sedan segment is slightly smaller and lighter than the eighth-generation Accord to offer the best fuel efficient Ford meadows.

CVT improved fuel economy, Honda Sonata integrated approach or even Altima leading 38 MPG highway segment, but also enjoy the highway 35 MPG.


Honda Accord four new images, modern and elegant, a model was released. 2013 Accord sports hood and curved body lines with a bold new grille features. Dual chrome tubes premium look and athletes can refer.

The next generation Honda Accord cone wings, when the C-pillars and side sills contoured to create a car that is always close to the action flowing, great attention to detail.

A standard four-cylinder engine and an optional V-6 engine is also likely to see. Audio, navigation kit and an Internet connection to improve security updates and improvements in technology. The 2013 Honda Accord will go on sale this fall, will be provided.

Mix of the new Accord, Honda cars sold in three main categories, each with strong opponents. Your Fit, Civic, little guidance is one of the best selling cars in the United States.

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