Sweet Memories of British Chocolate

British chocolate bar is the best tasting chocolate in the world. For those of us who grew up in the UK, we are privileged so nice tasting chocolate at the door to have, so to speak, every day of our lives, and as long as we can remember, that was almost a staple in our diet.

British Chocolate

Because before you can say chocolate button, we had the feeling, as a blessed British chocolate bar on us, and this amazing chocolate has almost become an essential part of our lives. If it was a daily or weekly treatment, British chocolate bars have been an important pillar of British life.

If we travel back in time to the last chocolate in large, green pastures and cobbled streets of the UK in those old days when we were all snot and Marmite, our chocolate treats were the most exciting privileges of being a child. A visit to the grandmother or nanny, so that the name of your own would almost guarantee a chocolate haven.

Now Grannies house was always a wonderfully welcoming place, a place with so much affection and love in that you have to brush it almost from the face, and much of this affection and love was shown nothing but the pleasure of eating. We all love grandma's house and some of our best memories are of food.

Whether it's dinner and mash are ensured to roast beef or sausage, the food would love-filled as soon as you walked in the door and your special hug. This wonderful food would warm our heart and soul (and our tummies), but it was not only a good, healthy meals, treats, oh goodies galore would be.

British Chocolate

It would biscuits and sweets, but best of all chocolate. British chocolate classics would be crammed into an old tin Cadbury Roses, and the tin would be much chocolate, you might think that you were to keep Charlie Bucket, a golden ticket. Continuing to those days of childhood chocolate to look back, we have many fond memories more beautiful, is given as these wonderful chocolates. would There is also every Sunday morning to travel for the role my father; every Sunday he can be me and my sisters buy a classic British chocolate Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons, a Wispa or Curly Wurly, or one of the other bars and that morning chocolate treats Sunday tasted always a little more special.

By spending money in hand or with the money, the car Mrs Davies earned washing, have the money on to spend what pleasure and has what we liked most was to be able, as many sweets and chocolate bars to Buy as we could.

In adulthood love, this famous British chocolate tasting would continue or even thrive. In addition, we now have our own children and/or our brethren the children to enter this magical chocolate.

There is also the Mother; with the gift of Cadbury Milk Tray and Birthday fathers; to which you were never quite sure what to get a gift, it is always a great pleasure when he got a big piece of chocolate Cadbury Dairy Milk. We have Christmas; with the traditional tin over Cadbury Easter Sunday and roses; with major British chocolate Easter eggs.

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