The Development Of The Fake Nails

To enhance the beauty of the hands, long, shiny and polished nails are a must. Many women suffer from problems namely nails. Brittle nails, missing fingernails, slow growing, unsightly nails, and so on enough to make bite your nails in despair. A panacea for all problems, which is above fake nails.

As the name suggests, these are artificial nails and have come in many varieties and the passage of time, research and innovation, inducing their production to a fine art. There are a wide variety of choice when it comes to false nails. Fake nails
are prone, chip or break from very strong material that will not crack it. A nail technician takes about 30 minutes fake nails apply. Follow-up care needs a fortnightly visit to a fill-in additional acrylic in areas where the cuticle is visible, grow like fingernails.

Gel nails are a preferred choice to false nails. A single pre-mixed blend of polymer gel and the monomer that is used to produce gel nails, which in turn cured ultraviolet light. The option can save no light lot of time. A gel activator is used, or just the nail in water cure dipping. Although expensive, gel nails are durable and do not look like false nails. Among the other types, gel nails are easier to apply and for every taste. However, an electric archiving tool required to remove the gel.

The latest addition to this issue is the introduction of solar nails. Your application process is in two stages - the first placed white lace, followed by pink nails with natural look fake. Similar to a French manicure, they do not turn yellow when exposed to sunlight or radiation from tanning. More durable than acrylic, which are brought into the nail bed; Solar nails do not damage the real nail.

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