The Hershey American Original Chocolate Brands

The secret of good trade chocolate consists of three things: longevity, good taste, and affordability. Already in 1894, a Mr Milton Hershey realized all this, and place to do your mind what would eventually be the largest chocolate manufacturer in America.

Original Chocolate Brands

In the US, they actually sell Cadbury chocolate through its own stores. From the age of favourite Coconut Chocolate Almond Joy bar, Cup Peanut Butter Bar and Kit Kat Reese, Hershey has a solid chocolate brand in the whole work.

What makes your chocolate controllable and reproducible?

chocolate controllable

Called cocoa beans harvested from their homeland and shipped the seat of Hershey, Pennsylvania (charming "the sweetest place on earth" remained unchanged for over a century, the process of raw materials for possible Hershey collect milk chocolate - - and the traces of dark chocolate, they do ). The small town of Hershey, Pennsylvania is the ideal, precisely because the cow's people predominate, and the natural reservoir of spring water round is needed for milk chocolate.

The next step in the short travel cocoa beans to make chocolate milk is a huge automated process because they Hershey employees are loaded on a conveyor belt. Cocoa beans are heated, are roasted and crushed; all for a possible human joy. The crushing is necessary because it will solve some of the bean used in milk chocolate, pour the bowl.

Cocoa butter is not discarded; in fact, this is the main ingredient for chocolate, like the kind of chocolate you with at the end -. It is rare, mixed in different amounts of milk, sugar and chocolate and beat tirelessly imbue it with such soft consistency to the trade chocolate is famous. The tireless machines will eventually produce one million pounds of chocolate every day.

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