The History Of Ballotin The Classic Belgian Chocolate Gift Box

The Classic Belgian Chocolate Gift Box

This year marks the 100th anniversary of balloting. That all connoisseurs Belgian chocolate opened a - or many - of these ballotin boxes in your life.

In fact, since its inception in 1915 has become the balloting since ancient times, carefully filled with chocolate in countless shops or enjoyed greedy of thousands of chocolate lovers around the world. This box is elegant but underestimated in their appearance, and it shows content while protecting successfully.

Belgian Chocolate Gift BoxThis first invention was called "chocolate". These chocolates are sold wrapped in paper, a traditional method, but had two major drawbacks: it was not able to see the chocolate in an elegant manner, and, worse still offered little protection, often damaged or compromised the appearance chocolates.

As chocolate became more demanding, clamouring to adapt with an attractive design and complex fillings Belgian chocolate kitchens were always for a specially designed box to suit your needs. A gift box that.
In their ability to look beautiful and elegant, but also practical would be to damage the chocolate to protect from home on the road in 1915, his calls were answered Louise Agostini, wife of Jean Neuhaus Jr., designed the first ballotin (ballots, the French term for "small package of goods"), a box of chocolates that can be safely packaged. It was also an aesthetically beautiful, simple but elegant design, easy to fill and close with Tabs elegant fastened with a belt.
To the delight of the other chocolate houses of the time, Jean Neuhaus decided this invention is not patented, and that's why today all major Belgian chocolatiers their levels chocolates this timeless gift box for sale.

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