The Latest Model SUV Range Rover Sport 2014

The Latest Model SUV Range Rover Sport 2014

Most car models based on the characteristics of its predecessors, the current is equipped with all the new features. and release more power with the other two models of this kind between the Evoque and Range Rover 2014 Range Rover Sport, In. A new era for the 2014 Range Rover Sport SUV will be a luxury for athletes. A desirable and sustainable organization of the British brand, he said. Eight percent of aerodynamic false and reached 0.34 drag coefficient of resistance, compared with its predecessor. Innovative and bold design with luxury, so abroad. Body thick horizontal lines should be the DNA model project, the culmination of a very strong statement wheel arches, unique key elements for the rocker moldings. And not to forget, but the signature clamshell bonnet brand. We provide a new model for 2014 is much simpler than the old models to drive the rest of the more interesting and comfortable.

Function, look at a glance:

Drive and eight-speed automatic
And a new style platform Engine
340 Super V-8 performance V6 engine
The new unibody aluminum
7 seats
Lower fuel consumption
LED lights front and rear

Most customers a variety of design options, are located in 11 different colors with different themes you can expect to see. Four home accessories, aluminum and real wood veneer options for selection 3. Customers colors, you can choose one of three options out of the box. What this model is the same model with the same color, not many other people have a chance, and the color of the exterior color options 19 foreigners because it has three different varieties of the same. Santorini Black roof Corrie industrial or silver gray.

This change is driven by more than just seems Range Rover Sport cars will be very easy and intuitive to use. With the rear seats for families with children for a long time to carry out limited access to the third row, although it may prove. In general, the Range Rover Sport is a sports car, but it can not be a luxury for the family operation.

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